This shoot was originally set up to be a project to focus on an Androgynous look.  I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to also capture Chantrelle’s natural, feminine, sexy beauty.

Once again, Timothy Keys of Keys to Great Hair did an amazing job!

Sencere Moments Photography

Sencere Moments Photography Sencere Moments Photography Sencere Moments Photography Sencere Moments Photography

Sencere Moments Photography Sencere Moments Photography

Sencere Moments Photography Sencere Moments Photography Sencere Moments Photography

Below is an image of Chantrelle, in both an Androgynous and feminine look.

Velvet composit


To see the Androgynous looks, go to our SMP Blog.

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Published Work


We have officially been published in our first Magazine.

Yes Yes Online Magazine is “a magazine where you can see creative sexy and unique editorial commercial and glamor photography. Different styles from Fashion Designers MakeUp Artist and Hair Stylist. Featuring model contest, advertisement and more.”

You can grab a copy of the full magazine here- Yes Yes Magazine

We can’t wait for our print copies to arrive!!!!

Published Pages-

Model- Crystal Morales

Makeup by Para Sharde

Kriss Page Proof

Model- Nise Dione

Makeup by Para Sharde

Nise Page Proof

Nise Dione


It was definitely a joy working with Model Nise Dione for our first boudoir shoot.  We got some great images from this session.  See below for some behind the scenes pictures and a short video clip and the final images from her session.

Behind the Scenes

Sencere Moments Photography


Behind the Scenes Video

Click for Instagram Short Video and Click for Full Behind the Scenes Video

Sencere Moments Photography

Sencere Moments Photography

Sencere Moments Photography    Sencere Moments Photography      Sencere Moments Photography

The Beginning….


Sencere Moments Photography introduces Secretly Sexy…


“Secretly Sexy” derived from the thought of how some women don’t openly show their “sexy”.  Sometimes women are not even comfortable enough to be sexy around their significant other.  I was talking to a friend one day about my plans to shoot more boudoir sessions.  I was telling him that secretly, some women actually love to display their sensuality and sexiness, but only do it behind close doors.   Although this may be the case, it’s good for that sexy inside of us to come to life and not be ashamed of it.  I also said that I want to reveal that sexiness within women in a more tasteful way and make them feel comfortable about themselves.  From that talk, combined with some of the words I mentioned to him, he came up with “Secretly Sexy”.    This session is about bringing that secret sexy to life…. especially for your significant other or even if just for yourself.

So now it’s time for you to experience a life changing experience.  Believe in yourself and show your sexiness in a way that makes you comfortable and happy with yourself.  Enough to give this gift to your significant other or to show the world that you know you’re sexy and not ashamed to show it.

“Reveal your ‘Sexy’ Within….

*Be sure to continue to follow us along this sexy journey!